Movers, To Hire or Not to Hire?

Anyone who has ever moved before knows how stressful it can quickly become. Moving is both physically and mentally taxing and to make matters more worse, it often comes with a cruel paradox. The younger and fitter one is, the smaller the house or flat to be moved is. Conversely, The opposite is also true. The older and less fit one is, the larger the house or flat to be moved. After my last move I swore to myself that I’d hire a mover regardless of the the price. The service provided is worth its weight in gold for several reasons. For reliable movers in the Bay Area contact Bay Area movers.

The most important reason for hiring a mover is, “Time is money” as the saying goes. Hiring a professional will certainly save you money if you put a premium on your time. Most people only move a handful of times in their adult lives whereas, “removalists” as they’re called here in Australia, do this dreaded task for a living day in and day out, and they have become very efficient at it. Whether you hire them to come into your home and completely pack it up and move it or, just move the heavy stuff, they are up to the task. Another main reason you should consider hiring a moving company is that most of them provide insurance against damaged goods. I know I have dinged up a lot of walls and furniture attempting to move or help someone move in my day.

Professionals don’t generally do that but if they did, it’s on them. I would not recommend hiring a moving company that did not provide insurance. Hiring movers of the calibre of in Melbourne is rather easy. A quick internet search revels that there is no shortage of movers. So the question becomes how does one choose which company to go with? Which one is reputable? Which company won’t scratch up my antique furniture, or play football with the box that is clearly fragile? In my experience, I have found that I prefer to go with the smaller companies as they tend to be friendlier and more efficient.

The small company relies more on reputation and word of mouth referrals, rather than relying on their familiar corporate name for business. I have found friendly, helpful movers that tend to go above and beyond using this approach. Also I believe in the value of supporting local businesses. However, it is always wise to check with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission or ACCC to make sure you’re hiring a reputable company and not some thieves who are actually planning to steal your valuables.

As I’ve hopefully illustrated, the money spent on hiring a mover is well worth every last cent, your back will certainly thank you, mine will the next time I move. At the end of the day, do you want to be tired and worn out with possibly damaged items or would you rather be fresh, enjoying your new home, watching a movie in your favourite 136 kg recliner?

When moving house, you have the option of doing it yourself or hiring a removalist. Both options have their ups and downs, and it comes down to personal preference. If you love doing stuff yourself, then go out and hire a vehicle and round up your friends to give you a hand but if you are someone that would rather get someone else to do it or just really need a hand, then you should hire a removalist.

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